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7-8th November, 2019|San Francisco, USA

A speaker line-up featuring the US's most senior brand leaders in the digital space

2019 C-Suite Keynote Leaders

Michael Miebach

Chief Product Officer

Michael Miebach , Mastercard

Jill Ramsey

Chief Product and Digital Revenue Officer

Jill Ramsey , Macy's

Yovav Meydad

Chief Growth & Marketing Officer

Yovav Meydad , Moovit

Sarah Butterfass

Chief Product Officer

Sarah Butterfass , Groupon

Eric Chaniot

Chief Digital Officer

Eric Chaniot , Michelin

Chris Satchell

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Satchell , Zume Inc

Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer

Jeetu Patel , Box

Travis Bogard

SVP, Head of Product

Travis Bogard , Samsung NEXT

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2019 Innovators

Assaf Ronen

Head of Product

Assaf Ronen , SoFi

Mark Tan

Director of Product

Mark Tan , Wyze Labs

Bryan Ennis

VP of Product

Bryan Ennis , CarMax

Anne Yauger

AVP, Digital Products

Anne Yauger , CarMax

Alex Weinstein

SVP of Growth

Alex Weinstein , Grubhub

Dan Weis

Executive Director Product Management

Dan Weis , MGM Resorts International

Colleen Wortham

VP Marketing & Loyalty Operations

Colleen Wortham , Albertsons Companies

Muhammad Rehman

Vice President, Product Management

Muhammad Rehman , Verizon

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Eliza Ollinger

Sr. Director Product Management

Eliza Ollinger , Papa Johns

Henry Kim

Senior Director, Digital Audience Strategy

Henry Kim , Caesars Entertainment

Anne Mercogliano

VP of Customer Experience and Growth

Anne Mercogliano , Good Eggs

Mike Crawford

Vice President and Senior Manager Digital Product

Mike Crawford , Fifth Third Bancorp

Dave Harris

Vice President, Digital Strategy & Customer Experience

Dave Harris , Carnival Cruise Line

Jazz Singh

Director of Product

Jazz Singh , Mobile and Connected NFL

Jason Craig

Director, Mobile Applications

Jason Craig , IHG

Rob Huddleston

Head of Branded Experiences

Rob Huddleston , Snag

Hot off the press - Download the detailed event brochure

Full speaker list • Full conference agenda • Audience breakdown

Tim Salau

Global Product Marketing Manager, Evangelist

Tim Salau , WeWork;
& CEO and Co-founder, Guide

Dana Shefsky

Sr Director, Enterprise Product

Dana Shefsky , Hilton

Erika Wool

Head of Partnerships, Next Billion Users

Erika Wool , Google

Michael Korcuska

Michael Korcuska

Chief Product Officer,
Weight Watchers

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Incite Group: Could you tell us a bit about your role as Chief Product Officer at Weight Watchers?

Michael: There’s a misconception that Weight Watchers “products” are low-calorie packaged foods. You might be surprised to learn that, while we do sell some food, more than 80% of our revenue comes from our subscription business. In fact, we ended Q1 with 4.6 million subscribers.

WW has a food and activity program - WW Freestyle - that has been scientifically proven effective to help people develop healthy habits. That is the main product we sell. It is supported by digital tools (web and mobile) and, for many members, the opportunity to attend weekly meetings for information, inspiration, and community. My team is responsible for those digital tools. It’s a fairly typical organization with product managers and designers and user researchers. Engineering reports to our fabulous CTO.

What’s a bit unusual is that the product team at WW is also responsible for the experience in the meeting rooms. This is new for us. We are working to provide a unified member experience...something that is seamless, online and offline.

Incite Group: What are your top 3 priorities for 2018 when it comes to your brands digital product?

Michael: Well, there are a lot more than 3 important things that we’re doing.

First, as I mentioned above, we need to do a better job of integrating our online and offline experience. As well as modernizing WW meetings and making them more relevant to a wider variety of people.

Second, we have an amazing program for fitness and for a positive mindset. Our digital tools are best in class for food and nutrition, they don’t reflect the quality and depth of our science and program in activity and mindset. So we need to bring those forward.

Finally, we’re exploring how we will use voice as an interface. And there are a number of other emerging technologies that seem like they could be transformational...stay tuned on that front.

Actually, I can’t resist mentioning a fourth...and that’s the global need for proven health and wellness solutions. We operate in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and in some of Europe. But the entire world needs to learn how to build and sustain healthy habits.

Incite Group: What new technologies or trends do you see impacting digital product and the wider industry this year?

Michael: As I mentioned above, voice is a big one for us. Obviously AR will have a large impact on the wider industry...I think it is going to provide a lot more value in the medium term than VR.

Overall, though, I think consumers have changed. They want companies not only to service a functional need for them. They also want them to be making a positive contribution to the world. Earlier this year we got very specific about our purpose: We inspire healthy habits for real life. We’ve also defined clear metrics and organized several large initiatives to deliver on that promise. But, regardless of particular initiatives, it helps everyone in the organization know why we are here and what we are trying to accomplish.

Incite Group: As a company that now utilizes both digital and real-life experiences, what unique challenges are you facing at Weight Watchers to deliver a consistent and seamless experience across all a consumer’s interactions with the brand?

Michael: One of the most complex things is understanding what the consumer may have experienced on-line and in real life. A meeting leader may not know what the member has been doing in the app.There are privacy issues and, of course, only so many hours in the day. And online we probably don’t know what happened for the member in their most recent meeting. It’s different from ordering a coffee at Starbucks because our meetings are rich and often emotional experiences. We can certainly do better about sharing knowledge across these channels but it will never be perfect. So the challenge is to design experiences that are flexible enough so the member can get what they need in the moment.

We’re thinking about the long-term structure of our product teams to try to address this. Remember when smartphones first rolled out and everyone built a mobile team? But, by now, most product teams are organized around user needs, not platforms, and are expected to deliver user experiences across desktop and mobile. And maybe voice. We’re asking the question “What if we considered meetings to be another delivery platform?” Should our member onboarding team, for example, just be thinking about web and mobile or should they be thinking about what should happen in the meeting too? For now, though, we have a dedicated team designing the meeting experience. But next year, who knows?

Incite Group: As a keynote speaker at this year’s show, what are you hoping to learn and take away from the summit?

Michael: It’s always great to take time to exchange ideas. We get so busy with our work it is nice to carve out time to connect with others doing similar work.

Being a product leader is as much about building product teams as it is about building the product itself. So I’m interested in talking with others about developing talent and creating effective teams. One thing I’m specifically interested in, at this particular moment, is how companies are thinking about attracting talent, especially engineering talent.

Carl Rivera

Carl Rivera

CEO and Co-Founder,

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Incite Group: What are your top 3 priorities for 2018 when it comes to customer engagement?

Carl: At Tictail, our top priorities are centered around not only creating the best experience for a shopper browsing the website, but for the brands that use our marketplace to grow their businesses.

  1. Video: We’ve created tools that allow our brands to create videos of their products straight from their mobile phone and then upload them simultaneously onto their Tictail shop and Instagram. Not only is video incredibly easy to take on a phone (easier than writing out a lengthy product description) but it allows consumers to see the full scope of whatever product they’re browsing. For example, with a video you can see how a dress would move as you walk down the street or discover every angle of a geometric vase.
  2. Personalization: Tictail is on its way to becoming the most personalized marketplace in e-commerce. Through machine learning and interactive elements we can discover what products and brands a shopper is interested in and recommend others almost immediately. When you return to the site after your first visit, you’re greeted with a incredibly customized homepage; we’re focused on finding new ways to make this experience even better for shoppers and brands.
  3. Mobile: A large portion of our sellers and shoppers are experiencing the site through their mobile phones (70% of our traffic comes from mobile), so with video and personalization in mind, we want to make the mobile experience as seamless as possible. Through our newest video tool on our app along with the Sell on Instagram integration, shoppers can discover products and purchase them straight from the Instagram app and entrepreneurs can run their businesses directly from their phones.

Incite Group: What’s the biggest game changer for Tictail’s product this year?

Carl: We’re very excited about our latest in-app video tool and its integration with Instagram. The ability to record and upload a video onto a product listing is not just a game changer for Tictail and our brands, but for the future of e-commerce itself. 62% of our brands belong to the Millennial Generation and Gen-Z, and 65% of them are running their businesses through their phones, which means they’re creating content for their businesses with them too. Video is the easiest and most comprehensive way to show a product on a mobile device. By integrating this tool with Instagram, where 30% of our traffic comes from, we’re giving sellers an opportunity to turn their audiences on social media into customers.

Incite Group: How much emphasis does Tictail place on personalization?

Carl: Personalization is a large part and benefit of our marketplace. The tools that we’ve created with machine learning assist our shoppers in discovering new emerging brands that we know they’ll love, that they might not have found on their own in a marketplace with 4+ million products. After your first visit to Tictail, we personalize your homepage with suggestions based with how you engaged with brands and products in the past. For example, if you saved two handmade mugs and followed several emerging artists, we’ll show you the latest in ceramics and prints, while continuously adjusting what we show you based on your ongoing behavior. Since we’ve implemented this homepage, we’ve seen conversion rate increase by 70%.

Personalization is especially important on mobile because we see 70% of our traffic coming from mobile devices. Images are more eye grabbing and quick to process on mobile devices, so we’ve made our mobile and desktop experience as visual as possible. The large visual grid that becomes your home page after you’ve visited the site allows shoppers to endlessly scroll through new products they would never have discovered before.

Incite Group: You’re confirmed to speak at the Open Mobile Summit, could you reveal a little about what you’re hoping to share and what you’re hoping to learn?

Carl: I’m excited to share why Tictail believes that mobile video is the future of e-commerce, how we’ve created a product that reflects that, and what types of results we’ve seen from it. I believe it’s important that every marketer, no matter their business, understands what mobile users are looking for in a website’s mobile view. (Hint: it’s not just a compressed version of your desktop site.)

I’m also looking forward to learning how companies in other sectors outside of e-commerce are utilizing mobile technologies to succeed. I believe that to be truly innovative, it’s important to not just look at what your direct competitors are doing, but to understand how technologies are changing the global landscape as well.

Jerry Leisure

Jerry Leisure

Vice President Player Retention and Customer Services,

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Incite Group: Could you tell us a bit about your role as Vice President of Player Retention and Customer Services at Kabam?

Jerry: At Kabam, I lead an amazing group of customer service and community experts that focus on “keeping our players playing everyday.” In the last two years we have improved overall player support customer satisfaction by 45 per cent and rolled out new ways to engage our community of players that allows their voices to be heard and part of our creative and development process. This empowers our players to share what is amazing and fun about our games!

Incite Group: What are your top 3 priorities for 2018 when it comes to engaging and retaining your customers?


  1. Remove Barriers - Players have choices of how they want to be entertained. When barriers arise, they often leave to go do something different. Our job as a team is to remove these barriers and help keep our players enjoying our wonderful entertainment experience, everyday.
  2. Enabling, Playing Together - Players like to share cool tricks and strategies to win. Our recently launched Content Creators and Meet Ups program enables players to help each other, Meet Up physically, and engage one another about how to win, have fun, and play together.
  3. Co-Creating - Players are super passionate and love to play our games. As part of our listening systems, we have a beta program that enables players to share their feedback on our latest update plans and in a sense gives them a stake in helping us build a wonderful entertainment experience for them.

Incite Group: What new technologies or trends do you see impacting digital product and the gaming industry on the whole this year?

Jerry: At a Macro level, think Alexa for your gaming experience. The future of community, engagement, and support is Alexa and Google Home with Star Trek level upgrades. Players can and will engage with throughout the entire game with a character (of their choosing) that will not only be their friend, it will also help with all of their questions and remove barriers for their success and enable a wonderful entertainment experience.

At a Micro and starting level, first steps are Machine Learning and AI Bot Support. To get to the macro level, we must construct essential building blocks to enable smart and dynamic AI character voice interaction. Machine Learning and AI Bot Support lay great groundwork for us to listen and understand players and start to engage them in a more automated and conversational way. This groundwork will teach us enormous bits of information that will help us prepare for the voice activated character evolution.

Incite Group: How do you think marketing is changing in the digital space and what changes have you noticed in your own role and company?

Jerry: The most intriguing change I have noticed is how BI, Machine Learning, and AI now inform, real time, the success or failure of different marketing strategies and tactics. This has completely revolutionized how companies market. It has never been more important to have an agile and dynamic team that operates with this information. Their ability to adapt and acquire will be the difference between winning the eyeball and gaming entertainment opportunity that is in front of us.

Incite Group: As a speaker at this year’s show, what are you hoping to learn and take away from the summit?

Jerry: I am excited to share a bit of my knowledge, learn what my peer craft leaders are doing, and build great relationships with folks cut from the same cloth.

Safia Ali

Safia Ali

Director of Product Design,

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Incite Group: Could you tell us a bit about your role as Director for Product Design at Stubhub?

Safia: StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, generating a ticket sale every 1.3 second seconds. We connect millions of buyers and sellers each month, and more than 100 million unique, highly qualified visitors come to StubHub every year.

As Director of Product Design at StubHub, I lead the design organization that is accountable for product experiences on all digital platforms. With a fearless team of visual, interaction designers, content strategists, prototypers and researchers, we are elevating design thinking at StubHub by building relationships with cross-functional teams and partnering to deliver beautiful, easy-to-use and inspiring experiences for StubHub’s global customer base.

Incite Group: What are your top 3 priorities for 2018 when it comes to your brands product design?

Safia: Creating relevant customer experiences through Personalization Universally our attention span is much shorter than 10 or 20 years ago. Having a product that can appeal to the senses of the new generation and grab their attention within seconds is essential for brands to be successful. Successful brands have a long term relationship with their customers that exists beyond the transaction and they know their customers well. StubHub’s marketplace has been known for its eCommerce transactions for more than 17 years. We are evolving our experience to deliver both personalized and relevant experiences that can inspire fans to be there for more live events. Partnering with marketing, engineering and product we are investing in greater personalization to help fans find the events they are interested in and make it easy for them to get there. Raising the customer experience bar within StubHub StubHub is passionate about connecting fans to inspiring event experiences. Everything we do as a company, from our product to our customer service, reflects a deep desire to put fans first.

Fans are looking for experiences that bring them closer than ever before to their favorite athletes and entertainers. It’s not enough give fans what they expect. We’ve got to continuously anticipate their needs, surprise and delight them with the next generation of event experiences.

Shifting from a transactional experience to an inspirational experience requires us to work differently and think differently. Functional isn’t good enough anymore. Changing mindsets to go above and beyond to delight our customers in innovative ways is a big part of my job. This is more than leading my design team. Partnering with engineering, product and marketing to create delightful experiences for our customers is what gets me out of bed to come into work everyday. Creating a Global mindset StubHub was originally founded in the U.S for U.S customer base. In 2016, we acquired Ticketbis and now operate in more than 48 countries. This market expansion requires that we embrace a global mindset. A date treatment component must work in many formats and languages; payment methods have to support many partners; and the discovery experience has to be locally relevant using design patterns that appeal locally in each region. Creating a product that is global ready and can be adapted by different countries is a big focus for this year for me.

Incite Group: What new technologies or trends do you see impacting digital product and the wider industry this year?

Safia: Voice assistants & Augmented Reality - these might sound like buzzwords, but I believe there will be a lot more experimentation and adoption in all of these areas. At StubHub we launched an AR experience for SuperBowl this year to help our football fans plan their stadium experience. Most people haven’t been to the city or stadium before. Using augmented reality, fans on StubHub were able to more accurately visualize where their seats were in relation to the rest of stadium, as well as check out locations of various parking garages and pre-game events in the surrounding downtown area.

I expect lots of companies will experiment in areas to solve customers’ problems in ways that go beyond screen interfaces. People are becoming more comfortable with voice activated interfaces and more companies will invent ways of communicating with their customers, anticipating their needs and providing relevant solutions without having them to interact with screens.

Incite Group: As a brand that operates across multiple devices and touchpoints how are you aiming to solve any customer pain points and improve the customers cross platform journey?

Safia: Being multi-platform is table stakes now. Customers are using multiple devices, and we must adapt to the platform of their choice to meet their needs. As a tech company we want to build experiences in a way that power multiple platforms at the backend, but the front end adapts to the capabilities of the platform and uses the differences in platforms to make our customers lives better. For example, we have mobile check-in in our apps and wearables but not in desktop experiences. We solve different pain points through different channels based on customer needs. Our product managers and designers follow our customers and observe the end to end journey and constantly innovate with the latest technology to solve customer pain points.

As a speaker at this year’s show, what are you hoping to learn and take away from the summit? Besides networking, it’s fun to see how other industries are solving customer problems. Day to day I am so immersed in my own industry so I enjoy seeing how other brands are solving customer problems and learning from them. There is a whole spectrum of industries, from beverages to hospitality to dating and finance, which I find very energizing.

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