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16-17 September, 2019|London, UK

All-encompassing agenda aimed at delivering an unforgettable experience

We are currently pulling together the agenda and speaker list for 2019. If you would like to be part of the research or join the speaking list, please put forward your suggestions to

Customer Engagement and Personalisation
Panel Discussion: Personalised customer service in the era of automation

With huge leaps in automated technology including AI, chatbots and self-serve capabilities the era of automation is well underway. But how do we ensure that customers don’t feel detached and receive personal customer service? In this discussion we'll analyse how to balance tech innovation and our customers need for human interactions

Implement AI in order to achieve a human touch

AI has the potential to automate some of the more mundane and every day queries that a customer has for a brand and its product. By automating some of these responses the agents will have more time and be able to deal with queries that need a human input such as quality control complaints for example

Customer Service 24/7 - Implement and leverage chatbot technology for accessible service

The benefit of chatbot technology is that you are now able to offer your customers 24/7, round the clock responses in almost real time. From implementation through to release chatbots can revolutionise the way your customers interact with your brand and the accessibility you offer. In this session we will cover the benefits and implications of a chatbot strategy

Create synergy between chatbots, call centres and your customer service structure

The customer journey is a very important concept and if chatbots are to be incorporated into the customer's experience then they need to link seamlessly with the other sections of your CS structure. Find out how chatbots can arm CS agents/call centre operatives with the information they need if escalated and take away some of their workload

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Multichannel Customer Service
Be where your customers are

Brands need to figure out where their customers are across social media channels and what their strategy is for each platform. Find out how to compile and analyse data/findings/activity and be able to act upon what your customers are saying

Direct Messaging: Evolving your customer communications

With the huge uptake of direct messaging channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger brands have a unique opportunity to provide convenient, informal communications with their customers. Find out how your brand can answer customer queries quickly and offer services and promotions direct to the user's phone with next-gen messaging

Self-Service - Empower your consumer

With customers becoming more tech savvy the self-service approach becomes a realistic alternative to complete reliance on AI. With many customers preferring self-service to speaking to an agent, coupled with the fact it’s the most cost-effective method of CS it makes perfect sense to expand on this. Find out how to make it as easy as possible for your customer to help themselves

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Complete speaker line-up, Program for all tracks and sessions - Audience breakdown

Empowering CS Agents to be Customer-Centric
Build, Train and Engage a CS Team

Building and motivating employees in the customer service sector has been a longstanding challenge for brands. The importance of training and clear progression has been underestimated for too long. Discuss how through improved internal team development and management we can build an organisation that is geared towards serving the customers' needs

Measuring team performance

What metrics and tools are you using to track success and efficiency of your CS agents? Aside from individual performance how are brands going about goals management and how can companies ensure that their agents have clear, trackable targets. In this segment we analyse what metrics are best for driving team performance and NPS

Accelerate Engagement Through Gamification

One of the most effective methods for engaging customer service agents and departments is the recent trend of gamifying their work. Through gamification you can offer employees clear performance measurements and incentives. In this section we delve into what this means for your management and how to strategically implement this practice

Understand and action customer pain points

For an organisation to be considered truly 'customer-centric' it is essential that customer complaints and feedback is onboarded quickly as to avoid further issue. Agents should be empowered to share the feedback and combined with data collection/analysis your brand can be geared towards constant improvement. Here we debate how to manage internal procedures to be agile and responsive

Break down barriers: Create a globally minded approach

Communicating with customers across different regions, countries and languages can be a real challenge for customer service teams. From language translation and processing through to regional teams with specific training it is now more important than ever to be able to serve all your customers in any location. Find out how to become proficient as a brand and deliver a service that matches your values regardless

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Complete speaker line-up, Program for all tracks and sessions - Audience breakdown

Customer Service Infrastructure
Deliver a seamless customer journey across multiple channels

With your consumer potentially interacting with your brand across multiple platforms it is critical that their journey is seamless, and you remove as much friction as possible. CS teams need to establish a system where data from across the customer journey is brought together so agents have the necessary information to hand when called upon. Find out how to deliver an effortless omnichannel experience for your customer

Integrating and analysing data from multiple touchpoints

With the customer journey spread across multiple channels the customer journey could become disjointed and the customer may have to repeat steps and information when speaking to an agent or a chatbot. Here we discuss how system integration is key to helping brands deliver a customer experience that works throughout the whole journey

Combine Customer Care and Growth

Customer service and marketing teams are becoming more closely aligned with CMO's recognising that customer departments can help them understand their consumer, driving growth and loyalty. In this session we discuss how customer care can facilitate highly effective marketing, converting loyalty to growth

Scaling Customer Care Resources

With brands aiming for constant and in some cases, relentless growth, it's important to have a clear strategy for ensuring your customer infrastructure is prepared. Growing CS teams, developing a hybrid structure with both automated technology and agents are just some of the solutions we will cover here and the practical implications of each

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