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25-26 June, 2019|London UK

2019's Agenda - The Future of Marketing is Personal

Traditional marketing won't cut it anymore, as your consumer expects more your marketing department needs to grow and meet their demands. After months of extensive research with top-level marketers we have formulated the agenda for 2019 to tackle your key priorities and challenges

We are currently pulling together the agenda and speaker list for 2019. If you would like to be part of the research or join the speaking list, please put forward your suggestions to

Map your customers journey and engage at the right time
Create a 360-degree view of your customers journey to engage with the right message at the right time

Identify your customers interests and pain points to build a 360-degree customer journey report using data insights, models and interactions. Redesign your customer interaction touchpoints along their journey to ensure you have the biggest impact with the right message

Maximise the utility of consumer data

Your customers data is your most powerful resource for creating personalized digital experiences and marketing relevant offers and products. Align both sales and marketing activity in a GDPR compliant manner to streamline the data from both departments on the customer into one place, in turn capturing journey data

Manoeuvre and map the customer journey in an omnichannel world

Your customer doesn’t interact with your brand and receive marketing from one platform - you need to engage them across all platforms! Hear how your brand can create a marketing strategy that considers the desire for more omnichannel interactions and experiences.

Identify the right channels for communication with your customer

Understand your customers journey through desktop, mac book, smartphone and beyond to deliver engagement on the right channels at the right time

How customer journey mapping can ensure maximum impact for content

With effective journey-mapping you can ensure that your customer receives the most impactful messaging and content at exactly the right time. Find out how content creation and correct timing can maximise engagement with your brands marketing

How to map touchpoints on the customer journey

Identify at what stage you should engage with customers, at what points they need communication. Know the full customer journey from start to finish and create a brand engagement that carries on after the point of sale

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Personalise experiences and delight consumers
Create data-driven personalised experiences at moments that matter

Understand your customer base, needs and desires through better data analysis in order to identify different customer segments and points in the customer journey whereby personalised messages would be most impactful

Deliver personalised content messaging at the right time

Leverage readily available customer data to identify different messages/information your different customers want and at what time in order to create inspiring content that will cut through the noise

How AI can deliver tailored experiences that delight and inspire

Bring together data capabilities and AI to drive constant conversations that pull together customer insights with automation to ensure your customer is engaged at the times of their choice – an ‘always on’ marketing strategy

Personalisation in the era of GDPR

Whereas previous efforts to personalise brand interactions relied upon using masses of existing customer and non-customer data the introduction of GDPR legislation by the EU has drastically altered the landscape. Find out how to strategize and maximise the data your brand has on customers to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors marketing strategies

Creation of engaging content to drive brand loyalty

To achieve long-lasting brand loyalty, you need to release marketing content that hits the right note and resonates with your target audience. Consider how to produce content that rings true with your existing and future customers

Localisation and segmentation

To create engaging and relevant content brands need to offer localised interactions on a global scale and figure out how to further segment their customers to ensure relevant outreach

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Brand purpose and position
Reinvent and define your brand purpose

Customer decisions are no longer made based on what you tell them, but rather how they feel. Heritage brands are now having to reinvent themselves for a new generation of customer. In this session legendary brands will share how they have defined their manifesto, expanded their customer audience, and redefined their purpose based on the modern-day customer

Evolve and inspire your brand message through creative ways that focus on purpose

Understand the emotions, drivers and subconscious level triggers for your customer base and utilise these behaviours to create an inspiring message that represents what your brand stands for and builds trust with your customer

Leveraging social influencers to encourage brand engagement

How brands can identify influencers that share their brand core values and create impactful, engaging partnerships in the long run

Embed your values and brand DNA in marketing

Brand purpose has become an essential facet for successfully reaching out and resonating with customers. To ensure it's apparent within marketing you need to make sure that your brands values and DNA are embedded in all your communications with the marketplace

Create loyalty and retain customers

How brands can use storytelling techniques and personalised outreach to create loyalty and engage consumers

Retain and develop brand purpose authenticity

The modern customer can see through insincere brand campaigns and decipher for themselves whether your purpose is something that is important and core to your values. Find out how you can ensure you don’t turn off your target audience with unauthentic missions.

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Digital transformation and company culture
Become digital-first: How to position your brand in the digital age

With so many new touchpoints and technologies available to consumers they now have more opportunities to interact with you and also for your competitors to reach out to them. How you position yourself and what channels they choose are key to making sure you engage your target audience

The marketing mix: How to structure and resource your growing team

Hear how companies are undergoing internal restructures to reposition marketing as the face of, and driver for the business. Hear how organisations are restructuring to bring together marketing, digital, sales, customer service to build a true CX experience

How to build capabilities around insights to ensure you are an insight led organisation

Review your marketing team’s capabilities to ensure you are putting in place the right points to capture, review and analyse customer insights to radically improve messaging, product and customer experience

Measuring social media performance and attributing success

Social media is a powerful tool for outreach and engaging your customers, but brands need to effectively measure what works and what doesn’t when it comes to their social media strategy

Drive change and innovation within large organisations

A major campaign for marketers at major brands and large organisations is the inability to innovate and change like their smaller counterparts. In this session you'll find out how you can combine the dynamism of a start-up within your current parameters and resources

Reshape your organization to consumer journey first thinking, not mass production of content

With the shift in focus towards customer journey mapping and proactively acting upon consumer preferences you must shift your content-strategy to reflect this enhanced requirement. Moving away from mass produced content and to a more tailored approach, discover how to steer your organisation in this new, exciting direction

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