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October 24 - 25|New York, US

Brand Marketing Summit NYC: The best brand-focused marketing meeting: Latest News

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State of Marketing Report – 1000+ marketers on the future

Marketers are faced with an increasing pressure to cut through the noise and impress their customer. Incite Group wants to get to the bottom of where exactly marketers are spending their time and money, and what should be on your priority list for 2018.

The State of Marketing Report will give you in-depth insight on the key issues and opportunities your peers see in 2018, and new statistics to benchmark your own performance against.

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Meet the Speakers

Alegra O'Hare

Alegra O'Hare

VP Brand Communications,
adidas Originals and Style

Take a look at our recent bitesize Q&A with Adidas Originals Brand Genius

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Incite Group: For 2018 Incite Group has made a bold statement ‘Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive’ what are your thoughts on marketing’s role to drive engagement?

Alegra: People will engage more if they see beyond the product, but something that has an added value that only that brand can give which, in turn, will drive more long-term business.  Sustainability and a clear point of view on issues that shape society is fundamental, and has to be done in an authentic way.  I love the “Fearless Girl” statue and what the State Street Global Advisors wanted to stand for, it is a great example of how marketing drives engagement.

Incite Group: What is your main goal for 2018? And how are you going to get there?

Alegra: To not be complacent and keep challenging the status quo with regards to how we express our brand through digital.  Also, to focus on what matters most to the consumer.

Incite Group: How do you see marketing’s role changing in the foreseeable future?

Alegra: Marketing’s role is to create in the long-term a cultural brand, not just to communicate and sell in the short-term.  This approach will dictate which brands and companies will survive and thrive.

Incite Group: Customer Journey Mapping is being spoken about more and more, what changes are you making to understand your customer more deeply?

Alegra: We have to brief in each piece of content with a specific purpose.  The consumer journey is the starting point for a surgically-precise deliverables list.  Mapping out the scenario and creating a framework with a focus between social and .com is vital.

Incite Group: Engagement and Story Inspiring will be a key focus at the Brand Marketing Summit, how are you changing/redefining your content strategy?

Alegra: We are trying to focus on doing more with less.  A lot of stories and content don’t have any impact on the consumer, and are a waste of time and resources.  Constant attention to WHY content is being created has got to be on top of any marketer’s mind.

Incite Group: What advice would you give to brands trying to accelerate their marketing initiatives? 

Alegra: Watch the competition but don’t benchmark them.  It’s important to have a distinct point of view in the market.

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