Harness the Momentum & Create a Culture of Innovation

We are amidst the most dramatic shift in consumer expectations in almost a century. The entire fabric of our lives has changed and, in turn, so too has the way we want to interact with brands.

As we enter a post-covid-19 world, some businesses will crash and others will thrive; the defining factor will be our ability to, not only adapt, but to innovate. So, how do we harness this momentum to accelerate digitalization, create a culture of innovation and come out of this with more loyal customers than before?

Reuters Events Marketing Summit (Nov 5-6, Virtual) is where CMOs and execs are virtually gathering to reimagine the future of marketing - one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are truly data-backed, and agile marketing is the new norm. Join us as we bring together those leading marketing strategy for the world's most recognizable brands to share how they have stood firm as industry leaders through crisis.

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40+ CMOs and Marketing Experts Take the Virtual Stage

Reuters Events Marketing Summit brings together those who successfully led their brand through the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19. These executives will share how they adapted their strategy to meet new customer expectations, new marketing trends, and what this means for the future of brand.

Chris Curtin
Chris Curtin


Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer

Ira Rubenstein
Ira Rubenstein


Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

Doug Jensen
Doug Jensen

Estée Lauder

SVP, CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics and Innovation Insights

Alex Weinstein
Alex Weinstein


SVP Growth

Erica Chan
Erica Chan


Head of Brand and Marketing

Leela Srinivasan
Leela Srinivasan


Chief Marketing Officer

Connie Chan Wang
Connie Chan Wang


Director, Global Brand Marketing

Carol Tran
Carol Tran


Head of Growth

Will Cady
Will Cady


Head of Brand Strategy

Rob Deline
Rob Deline


Vice President, Global Marketing

Jeremy Stewart
Jeremy Stewart

Hari Mari

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds


Global Social and Content Marketing Lead

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25+ Case Studies and Interactive Sessions to Transform your Marketing Strategy

With horizontal tracks and vertical themes, designed in collaboration with our executive advisory board, the agenda is focused on how consumer behavior and expectations have changed due to the global health crisis, how brands have adapted and why innovation is key to their marketing strategy for the mid to long-term future.

  • CMO Strategy & Trends for a Post-Covid World: CMOs share their plans for keeping brand relevancy in an ever-changing world, honing brand purpose, reinventing a legacy, and creating a culture of innovation.
  • Customer Insights & Understanding New Consumer Behavior: Customer needs, wants and expectations have changed. It’s time to fully understand your customer and their journey to unlock data-driven personalized experiences.
  • Agile Content & Creative: Cut through the noise with impactful interactions that inspire and connect with this shared global experience. Tell stories that engage on an emotional level and are grounded in brand purpose.
  • Digital, Social & Influencers: As we follow social-distancing guidelines, the channel of choice for many is social and influencers are at their most impactful. Video, influencers and the formula for social success.

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Mission Statement:


As marketers, we have all had to cancel campaigns and adapt our messaging, but these reactive adjustments will not be the defining trait of those that come out of this crisis as industry leaders. Rather, it will be those who have moved into a proactive mind-set and rode the innovation wave, listening to new customer expectations and focusing on the purpose behind their brand. Which will you be?


Key Themes for 2020: Harnessing the Innovation Momentum

In these conditions, a marketing department will either crumble or thrive. As we see the light at the end of this global crisis, the defining factor will lie in our ability to not only adapt, but to innovate. This comprehensive industry driven agenda will shed light upon your biggest challenges and concerns, from across the following key areas:

CMO Strategy & Post-Covid-19 Trends
  • Purpose Before Profit: Positioning Your Brand in an Unprecedented Crisis
  • Moving from Reactive to Proactive, From Adapt to Innovate
  • Agile Marketing is the New Norm: But is it the Only Way?
  • Budgets, Investments & Rebuilding the Marketing Workforce
  • The Re-Emergence of Brand Awareness & 121/DTC marketing
See full agenda
Theme 1:
Customer Insights
  • The Impact of a Global Health Crisis on Consumer Behaviour
  • Ride the Innovation Wave: Accelerate Digitalization Across the Marketing Department
  • Connecting the Data Dots: Feedback Loops and Internal Collaboration
Theme 2:
Content, Creative & Brand Story
  • The Resurgence of Creative in a Data-Driven World
  • Evolving Content Production to Meet Lower Budgets
  • Capturing Lightning in a Bottle – Relevant & Timely Creative
Theme 3:
Social & Influencers
  • A Dramatic Shift to Desktop: Where Are Consumers Spending Their Time?
  • A Brief Encounter: Tell Short Stories with Ephemeral Content to Increase your reach
  • An Audience is Only a Start, Arm Influencers with Quality Creative & Ample Direction
  • Loops and Internal Collaboration

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The Industry's Chosen Themes:

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What Marketing Executives Have to Say?

Why are you looking forward to the Marketing Summit?

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10,000+ Marketeers Reimagine the Future of Marketing

With over 10,000 attendees, this is the premier platform to meet with and learn from those who are successfully navigating this period of uncertainty. Now, more than ever, we must come together and share our stories and find answers to our questions. This is the who's who of the marketing community and you won’t find better networking anywhere.

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Executives, Directors and Leaders focused on:

  • Personalization
  • Customer Engagement
  • Brand Management
  • Creative / Content Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO / SEM
  • CRM
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data / Analytics
  • User Experience
  • Customer Experience
  • Ecommerce Marketing Strategy
  • Performance Marketing / PPC
  • Customer Understanding
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Media Buying / Advertising

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5 Reasons why Reuters Events Marketing Summit Virtual is the must-attend virtual event:


The most senior speakers from the most influential brands - With CMOs from PepsiCo, FritoLay, SutterHealth, Survey Monkey, Fender and more


A Practical Agenda – Our agenda is driven by constant research with industry professionals, ensuring that the insights shared are only the cutting-edge


Keeping the Marketing Community – We want to ensure that our friends throughout the claims ecosystem can still learn and build relationships whilst keeping safe in this difficult time


Use Cases with Real Results – Providing practical insights through use cases remains the core of what we do, and through these use cases, you can create a new future for marketing


Reimagine Your 2021 Strategy – Use all of the knowledge gained and relationships built throughout this event to build a solid plan for the year ahead

Any questions?

Jasmine Kees

Jasmine Kees

Global Project Director
Incite Group

UK: +44 (0) 207 375 7532

Email: jasmine@incite-group.com

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