The industry shaping agenda

Reimagining Customer Service


Experience as a Key Brand Differentiator: What Role Does Customer Service Play?

Customer expectations and priorities have evolved. Experience is now a key differentiator for businesses of all sizes and customer support leaders must find new ways to compete, whilst still driving efficiency.

  • Build a business case for customer service as a proactive driver for customer retention with VoC
  • Partner with other business leaders and share data to build and end to end picture of the customer journey
  • Fully understand the value customer service can offer an experience led business to gain senior management buy-in


Achieving Seamless Personalized Omnichannel Care

Your customers not only expect great support on their preferred channel, they expect a personalized experience across multiple channels.

  • Learn how to overcome legacy systems to de-silo your data.
  • Evolve your CRM to empower your agents with a more actionable understanding of your customers
  • Deliver a one to one experience that both satisfies your customer, reduces resolution time and creates opportunities for retention and upselling


Getting Customers to Answer Their Phones Again: A Thing of the Future, Not of the Past

  • Help your customers know & trust that it’s your company calling (versus a scammer)
  • Foster important, timely conversations with your customers using branded, personalized or customized calling displays
  • Enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency, reduce costs of customer service and contact efforts

Empowering Agents


Merging Man and Machine: New Tech and AI Redefining Support Agent Potential

We entrust agents with two of our most precious assets every day – our customers and our brand – yet we don’t always equip them with the insights and tools to serve our customers in the best way possible. Supercharge your workforce with the perfect blend of AI, machine learning, and automation

  • Update your contact center ability with natural language processing, speech analytics, sentiment analysis and more
  • Arm your agents not only with detailed customer insights, but an automated guide to the perfect customer interaction


Building the Ultimate Workforce - Recruit, Train and Motivate Model Agents for Every Channel & Role

Support agents are your most important resource. For the best results it is vital your internal structures, recruitment and training strategies are tailored to both different channels and case types.

  • Understand the required attributes and skillsets for an agent to develop into a specialist in a specific channel or role and build a training program around it.
  • New channels require new team structures. Public, private, product, channel, escalation specialist, VIP, there are endless options to compartmentalise or unite the support function. No one structure works for every business, but it’s important you find a structure that works for you.
  • Outsourcing – Where, when and what should you outsource. The pros and cons of hiring an external call center.


Operationalize User Centered Design - How Research Improves the Employee Experience

Hear from a team of Qualitative Researchers whose purpose is to improve the experience of the frontline employees at USAA. They work in a unique environment called a Lab where they are co-located with agile development teams and a rotational group of frontline employees. The agile teams are actively creating systems, tools, and processes to enable frontline employees to provide best in class service to a membership which is over 13 million strong. The frontline employees are taking live calls in a production environment while receiving updates on a regular basis. Whilst the research team is continuously gathering insights from the group and providing it to the agile teams and executive management across the organization so that changes are made with input from the users. In short, we have found a way to operationalize user centered design.


Reinventing Your Knowledge Base

To ensure best possible outcomes, you not only need to make the right information available, you need to make it actionable! Help agents find information easily, allowing them to work more productively and help customers more quickly.

Customer Service Leadership


Kickstart Your Customer Service Culture

You focus on delivering phenomenal customer service, but are you overlooking something obvious on your road map to success? Culture! The difference between delivering good or bad support ultimately comes down to what is happening inside of your organisation, your culture.

  • Understand the values that drive a great support team and cultivate them in your business
  • Create a workplace where employees feel nurtured, engaged and driven to help your customers


The Customer Service Leader of the Future: Identify the strategies you need to stay ahead of the game.

  • Learn how customer expectations are evolving and how your business will need to adapt to stay ahead of the curve
  • Future proof the base of your tech-stack to support the adoption of advancing technology and ensure your department stays ahead


Eliminate Cost-Center Mentality by Incorporating Customer Feedback Throughout Your Organization

  • Bring customer service to the center of the business by sharing insights and collaborating with other areas of business
  • Close the feedback loop with customer insights throughout the entire product lifecycle inception and improvement – how involved should support teams be?
  • Transfer feedback to your product team in a tight and continuous to eliminate stunted product (and organizational) growth
  • Incorporate service design when looking at new product adjustments

Messaging & Chatbots


The Future of Customer Experience is Conversational

  • Seamlessly blend humans and automation to scale your customer experience operation
  • Harness the power of bots & AI without impacting customer care
  • Deliver commerce through care with unique data-driven intelligent messaging


Measuring Efficiency and Utilization in Asynchronous Messaging

  • Learn how enterprise customers can optimize care team performance through asynchronous social and messaging channels.
  • Best-practices for effective workforce planning — comparing traditional metrics, and team performance to an asynchronous context.


Why Messaging is the Future of Customer Service

Though as consumers, we have switched most of our conversations from phone calls to messaging, when we want to contact a business, we’re often required to block 20 minutes of our busy, over-scheduled, day and make a call. Many of these user journeys start with Google, who is now helping brands and consumers move these interactions to asynchronous messaging. Hear from Google about how pioneering businesses have recognized messaging as the future of excellent customer experience and are enabling consumers to message directly from search results.


Build, Deploy, and Optimize a Chatbot Quickly and Efficiently

Done right chatbots can deliver a fast-reliable service to an always on the go consumer and new extremes of efficiency for your business. However, done in the wrong way, they can deliver a frustrating and jarring experience.

  • Understand approaches to building, implementing and optimizing chatbots
  • Learn the limitations of a bot and how to make the handover to an agent as frictionless as possible

Customer Self Service


Why Self-Service & Transactional Automation is an Essential Piece of your 2020 Strategy

The truth is today’s consumer is short on time and wants to avoid contacting customer support if at all possible. Customer self-service has become a cornerstone of great customer support. Reduce your incoming volume and increase satisfaction, by empowering your customer to resolve their own issues and automate where possible.

  • Incorporate videos and other interactive guides and content into your self-service strategy
  • Personalize self-service options to engage and build trust (rather than replacing our role in building true relationships with customers)
  • Collaborate with user experience to optimize service across all channels and devices

Supercharged Social Media Support


Social Media Support - Fast & Meaningful

  • Show ROI and reduce the cost of resolution over social media
  • Redefine responsibilities, expectations and workflows for maximum efficiency
  • Fully embed social media into your contact center and embrace the latest routing technology, automation and AI
  • Prioritise customer security with end-to-end encryption